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Dating in America

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1st July

Dating in America

With July being our Nation’s celebration we thought we would write about a big issue for single Americans…Online Dating.  While online dating has worked for many people we have met a countless number of singletons who have not had much success with this dating option.  We have compiled a list of problems with online dating as well as a way to up your chances of success.

1.      Too many options – with so many choices it is tough to weed out the good prospects form the bad ones.  They all start to sound the same and as you delete one after the other because your time is valuable and you are busy, you may be missing out on someone special.

2.      Dating too often …

Summertime Essentials

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5th June

Summertime Essentials

Summer is finally here.  If you are like us then you want to look sun “kissed” and stylish all summer long.  While spending hours at the pool is not really an option for most people and finding the perfect products to enhance your image can be time consuming, we have come up with a short list of great products to get you thru these hot summer days in style.


1.      Sublime Bronze™ Tinted Self-Tanning Lotion Medium Natural Tan

 We love this streak free tinted moisturizer.  Remember wash your palms and in between your fingers after you have applied to your legs, arms, chest, etc.


 2.     Oscar Blandi’s Pronto Dry Shampoo

Running from the pool to a …

The One’s Top 10 Things to be Thankful For

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21st November

Thanksgiving is the time of year that friends and families gather together and express their thanks for all that they have in their lives. Here at The One, we have so much to be grateful for; All of you, our friends and families, our clients, we love you all so much and would be nothing without you! Ok, now time for the fun stuff!

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Mac Cosmetics
We love MAC makeup! They have the best color and their eyelashes are the best. When going out on dates, or just enjoying a night out on the town we always want to look our best; and the people at MAC cosmetics, always make that happen! Thanks MAC!
Needless to say we’re always on the go, from multi tasking our families, business, to just the general things we do in a given day …

5 Great Summer Date Locations In DC

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23rd May

Dating in the summertime is very exciting! Your date spot options expand with the (sometimes) beautiful weather to include restaurants and venues whose main draw is their outdoor seating. Still in the end, as with any season, you are just looking to have a good time with someone you are interested in. The right location can help you relax and slip right into easy conversations and if things go well, maybe a little after-dinner dancing. With summertime on our mind, we decided to “serve” up (get it) 5 of our favorite places that will make those first dates a little less awkward, or provide a nice change of pace for you and your significant other. Some of these are old standbys, and others are new hot spots, but we think you’ll enjoy all of them!

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Boundary Road – H …

Washington DC Is A Great City For Single Women, And Men?

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8th May

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There have been a number of recent surveys conducted and Washington, DC has featured prominently in all of them. We’re apparently the sixth most-caffeinated city, the second most-active city, the rudest city, and one of the ugliest cities (don’t worry we still think you’re pretty). We also have the worst traffic, we’re the most literate, and we’re very low on the manliness scale (42nd to be exact).

Out of all of these studies there was one that stuck out for us; being 42nd on the manliness scale. Now it’s a well-documented fact that the ratio of single women to single men in Washington, DC is 4 to 1 and …

Dating Ideas To Get Out And About This Spring/Summer

18th April

With the beautiful weather that we’ve been having in the DMV, it’s high time that we suggest some date ideas for active couples. Being active makes you more attractive to the opposite sex, and getting in shape with your partner will help get your endorphins flowing, get you more fit, and rev up your sex life! We here at the One Consulting have compiled a list of awesome date ideas for active couples.


Even if you live in the District proper and you don’t have a lawn, you can still do a little urban gardening. If you live out in Virginia or Maryland, even better! Gardening is a great activity to do with your partner because it brings you two together to create something. Guys generally gravitate more to the functionality of creating a plant or herb garden, and ladies tend …

A Rulebook For Throwing Out The Dating Rulebook

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12th April

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This week’s blog post will be specifically tailored to our male clients and readers who never know what the “rules” are when you’re interested in a woman.

Let’s begin by saying that less is more when adhering to hard-and-fast rules in your dating life. Every dating experience is different, the chemistry that you feel with a woman is different every time, and your comfort level and rapport can be drastically different. Sometimes it takes a few dates before you figure out your dating companion’s interests, sense of humor and personality. Other times it happens immediately. We’ll address two of the most common questions that we get from our male clients when navigating interactions with a new main squeeze.

When To Call/Text/Facebook …

Too Soon? Or Just Right?

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30th March

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So you’ve been set up on a date. Your potential partner is interesting, smart, funny and the two of you are attracted to each other. As your dating experience progresses you may be agonizing over thinking about how to progress your budding relationship. During times like this you will inherently be walking a fine line between pushing too hard for a relationship versus doing things that make your partner more comfortable with you, and with the idea of a relationship with you.

We here at The One Consulting have developed a road map to make sure that you don’t come on too strong, and a virtual guidebook for what’s too soon and what is just right.

Making a Home-Cooked Meal
Inviting the person you’re dating over for a home-cooked meal is a classic date activity. Most commonly this kind of …

How Similar Should You Be To Your Partner?

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20th March

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Successful relationships, while rare and special, happen between all kinds of people, from all walks of life, and at different times in every person’s life. Some people meet their special someone at work, and their shared interests lead them to have a wonderful life together. Other people meet their future significant other via shared recreational activities, through mutual friends, and in recent years, via online dating.

One of the most publicized and heavily-marketed aspects of the advantages of online dating is the ability of these programs to find your “perfect partner.” They tend to claim that by having users submit age, interests, education level, careers, and life goals and a number of other qualifiers that they can perfectly match two …

Building A Successful Relationship After the First Date

9th March

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So you’ve had a wonderful first date. It’s only natural for you to be thinking about the future, but what’s the next step? If you envision yourself getting serious, you may wonder how best to move forward to take your relationship to the next level. Dating a brand-new person is a wonderful and fulfilling experience that is full of new and exciting things, but it’s important that you keep some things in mind as you do so.

Below we’ve listed some key attributes for building a solid foundation for a relationship:

Build a strong friendship: the best relationships are those that grow naturally out of enjoying your partner’s company, and finding common interests. That’s not to say that an ideal partner has to share all of your interests, but will (hopefully) have some common ground with anyone who you’re entering into …